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In 2017 Luxembourg started to replaced there gas and energy meters with Smartmeters (named smarty :(). The French group Sagemcom delivered the Smartmeters (model T210-D) with a P1 port for the customer compliant with the Dutch Smart Meter Requirements v5.0.2.. The solution deployed in Luxembourg includes an additional security layer standard. The data stream is encrypted (AES128-GCM).

Creos, one of the main Distribution System Operators (DSO) started a campaign explaining, that the Smartmeter will make our homes smart, but did not provide a solution, so that the customer could access his data (in fact they have no really good solution until today (2022)).

So I was frustrated because I wanted the data to load my electric car with PV to fight climate change. First I tested a solution with LED's () than I wrote software to decrypt the data stream and created a device to read my 5 Smartmeter and connected by wire wit my Intranet ().

Finally I created a first version of the the real SmartyReader® using WiFi and needing no power supply and set it online (2017-08-16). It had also the possibility to add an Ethernet breakout board, I2C devices, or an external antenna.

My first solution needed transistors to invert the data stream, but with a later software library it was possible to omit the transistors. A new version allows even to use LoRa or LoRaWAN if WiFi is not possible.

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